How to save unwanted baby?

- If your pregnancy and birth is hidden, you have two options. The first one is to give birth in hospital by anonymous birth regime in any hospital in Slovakia. You have to inform staffs (head nurse, service nurse or doctor) that you want to give birth by hidden birth regime. More crisis option is to bear out of hospital (we do not recommend this), but if it has happened, we beg you; give a chance for life to your baby. You can place baby to one of Safety Nests/Hniezd Záchrany in Slovakia, totally with impunity. Please, check your baby, if you ordered umbilical cord! The cities and towns where you can find Safety Nests: click here. If you need more information, call 0905 888 234, or write an e-mail:

- If you don´t have to hide your pregnancy and birth, but you decided to not keep your baby, you can put up your baby for adoption after normal birth. The father of baby is known, he has to agree with adoption. For more information about this option, ask any social department of The Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family.