What is the process of anonymous birth?

When the time of birth will come (maybe sooner) choose the hospital, where you want to realise your anonymous birth. Inform staff of the hospital, which accepted you (head nurse, service nurse or doctor) about your decision. You can avoid misunderstanding – download application form, fill this form and give it to staff when you come to hospital. They will save your application form in the sealed envelope and hospital has to record you as a number or false name. Then, they should place you in to the room with women, who are not pregnant. They will not show you a baby after birth. You will leave hospital without baby. But you have 6 weeks to chance your decision, come back and take your baby.  After 6 weeks baby is legislatively free and prepare for adoption. If you have any problem with realization of your right for anonymous birth in any hospital in Slovakia, or if you will face to incorrect behaviour of staff, call 0905 888 234 or write an e-mail on: naruczachrany@naruczachrany.sk.