Adopt grandparents

Obtaining and supervising volunteers for seniors

The project Adopt grandparents responds to need of consolidation of intergenerational relationship and relation to seniors as a marginalized social group, mainly to seniors in the senior’s centres and social services homes. Values and experience of older people are enriching for middle and young generation too. That´s why the goal of the project is to realize a long-term volunteer program oriented on a social work with seniors as basic assumption for a long-term work with seniors in The Social Service Home – The Armful of Save SENIOR & JUNIOR. We realise that by training our volunteers. After a course, our volunteers will spend time with a selected senior – by visiting, walking and talks once a week at least for one year. Thanks to support of The Tatrabanka Foundation, we realized the project Adopt grandparents twice – in 2009 and 2010. From the both – actually we have 12 active volunteers from the 14 volunteers we had, what is great success. Project was extremely successful, physical and general wealth of our seniors got better. The other seniors wish to have their own volunteer too. That´s why we decided to find new friends for our seniors. Friends, who can help them.