Father´s nursery

Project responds on increasing children of single mothers growing up without fathers. There is necessity to compensate absence of father – male pair pattern – in baby´s life from incomplete families. Because basic structure of person is creating in first 3 years of baby´s life, that pattern will be a teacher in nursery. Children will get the chance to create more satisfactory relationships in their future, because of experience of pair pattern. Male pattern supports self-confident, inspire children to courage and support it´s socialization. Absence of male pair pattern leads to poverty of self-confident, self-criticism and it leads to disability to communicate with opposite gender. By a testing service of father´s nursery, we try to prove that temporary male pattern emotionally enrich a children from incomplete families, help them to get abilities for creating functional and complete relationships and families. We will try to prove that minimally one class like this has it´s specific place in every nursery.