Obtaining and supervising volunteers for mothers and children in a crisis situation

The goal of innovative project of individual volunteering “Godmothers” is to create permanent support for abandoned mothers with little children in crisis situation, who mostly came from dysfunctional family or orphanage. Individual volunteers – Godmothers – will become good friends and mentors of young women, without family background, and they will advise them in education of their children, holding house, they will help them to create contacts and good place in society. Godmothers will naturally and quietly integrate these young women to society by non-institutionalized way. Volunteers will have a supervision involving psychologist, minimally once a month, at least for one year. They will have permanent guidance of The Armful of Save SENIOR & JUNIOR – by coordinator and manager of the project. They will provide mutual affectivity and emotional balance between mothers and volunteers. This new way of civic self-help and friendly mentorship can be realized in all crisis centres, where mothers and children without family background are placed. Hand in hand with educational activities, this can be a proper way that will lead out of the circle of crisis centres to active life for our mothers. And this time, it will be forever.