The Permanent Armful

It´s a long-term program for abandoned mothers with children to meaningfully use the time spent in The Armful of Save SENIOR & JUNIOR on the way to separated life. Their stay in The Armful of Save is temporary. They will stay, until they will start their own life, until armful for their children and their life armful will be safe and permanent. This project includes strategic activities for abandoned mothers and their firstly unwanted children. These activities have ambition to keep up lifeline between mothers and children permanently, to deepen it and to preserve it in their hearts. We teach them, how to make their responsible parenting strong, how to resist little and large problems of daily life. By responsible approach to solving crisis situation, project tries to integrate mother and child to the meaningful life. All of that, with accent on fact, that mother represent a natural pattern for her children. The goal of project is to solve crisis emotional and social situation of incomplete family and preventative fight against reproduction of poverty rise of socio-pathological phenomenon. Project will realise t by working on emotional stability of woman and child in the community that will replace them original family. It also includes active inclusion, training, courses and real work. We work on reinforce mother´s self-confident, knowledge, skills and abilities that will teach her positively build a safe surrounding for her child, mutual emotional and social growth.