About us

We are GIVING CHANCE to concrete people, not for some imaginary group of people. Because only help to a particular person is an effective and proven.

Our lifes attitude believes that everyone has the right to chance.

Chance at life and love. The dignified and decent living and also survival the old age. Although his fate do not give him at the beginning loving, responsible and mature biological parents, although he do not born into a family emotionally and financially stable. Even if the disease and disability brings him on the threshold of dependency and despair. Everyone must get a chance to get the most basic right and that is the right to life. Every child should get a chance to grow up in a loving environment, every mom and dad should get a chance to be good parents, though perhaps they do not have in their family an ideal example or they do not have a family at all. Each senior has a sacred right to have a dignified and beautiful old age.

We try to work preventively. Therefore, part of our efforts is the awareness and education not only of the clients but also of the public. Because it is necessary deal not only with the solutions and consequences, but also to discover the causes. We make it through our social magazine CHANCE and media campaigns.

We are working systematic and therefore realize the projects to be logically cohesive and providing comprehensive help. Therefore may become these projects useful in similar communities, because expansion of good practice and networking organizations helps to refine the system as a whole.

Anna Ghannamová

President of the Chance for the Unwanted