History of the Chance civic group

The basic impulse for creation of The Chance for unwanted civic group was effort to provide a real chance for life to unwanted babies and to build first 3 Safety Nests in Slovakia. These Safety Nests were built and open in December 2004. In spring of the 2005the first saved baby – “Hviezdička” was found in The Safety Nest in Prešov. From the beginning The Chance c.g. was having 3 basic lines of help:

1. THE SAFETY NEST (Save me, mama!)

Fund-raising and gaining the support for establishment a network of public incubators in Slovakia, where desperate mothers after childbirth can leave a baby (newborn to 6 week after birth) and protect baby from death (to not kill it, to not throw away to the dumpster, leave on public areas, on the stairs by the houses, ...where baby can die of hypothermia very quickly). The Safety Nest gives a chance to survive for babies who were born mostly in conditions threatening mother´s and baby´s life. We didn´t consider it as the best way, but as the edge solution – emergency solution. There is a chance for mother to come back and take a child until a final decision about adopting of child is not finished.  Mothers had 6 weeks to come back and take a baby before, but it is not valid now. Decision whether baby will go with mother or not will make a judge. The baby given to the Safety Nest is anonymous and legislatively free, that´s why immediately after registration to the birth record adoptive process is starting.

2. The cradle of help (Give me to the family, mama!) – Better solution

Non-stop helpline of The Safety Nest (0905 888 234) provides information about alternative anonymous birth in hospital or possibility to place baby into the Safety Nest. This regime is more safe for baby and mother, because birth is under control of doctors and anonymous birth is keeping baby´s right for identity. Information about biologic mother is very good saved for baby´s future. It´s for emergency situations – for example a need of replacing of life-saving body organ. In the regime of anonymous birth, mother has a chance to come back and take a child maximum 6 weeks after birth. If not, the child will become legislatively free and the adopting process can start.

3. The Armful of Save (Keep me, mama!) – The best solution

Building and operating of social centres for mothers who decided to keep their baby forever, even if their first decision was different.

In 2008 we realised that there is no chance to keep centres like ours without providing paid and wanted service. That´s why, we established the first Armful of Save as a Social Services Centre not only for abandoned mothers but for reliant seniors – three generation social centre. Thanks to unbelievable financial support of J&T Foundation, we built The Armful of Save in a part of Bratislava – Dúbravka, where we provide social services for 40 seniors, and maximum for 3 years always for 7 mothers and their children.

The Armful of Save SENIOR & JUNIOR is financed from several sources: from client´s payments (private finance), from donation (public finance) and from grants and donors. Projects are financed only from grants and donors.