“There are lucky children, because they are happiness for their parents, but some of them are not...
These children have a right to find happiness.
But only if they exist, if they are alive.
Let´s give a chance to survive for unwanted children.
One day, somebody will love them and the happiness will come.”

As The Chance for unwanted initiative, we started our activity in 2004 with this citation. We went the way from saving unwanted newborns, through helping mothers with unwanted pregnancy to helping abandoned mothers in the emergency situations. Then we started with a procure of reliant seniors. Today, more than any time before, we know, that thanks to mutual love, support and ordinary human warmth, we can change “unwanted” to “wanted”. Now, the children who were unwanted or who couldn´t be wanted by their mothers are wanted by adoptive parents. For them, these children became happiness and sunshine.

Seniors, who have a feeling, that surrounded world doesn´t want them anymore, mostly have their careful children. They care about parents even if they had to place them into the social care home. Our seniors got new friends – our volunteers – who use to visit them only because they want to make our seniors happy. Abandoned mothers with children get new friends- “godmothers”, that are great support in their hard life.

Only willingness is needed. Help each other and care about the others. Give a chance, where it seems like there is no chance. From the heart offer chance to everyone, who appreciate that and who wants to change this chance into the better life. That´s why, after all these years of practical help to three generations, we decided to change the name of our organization. We decided to choose something more optimistic. Our The Chance for unwanted initiative has became THE CHANCE Civic group.

Because The Chance for unwanted is now The Chance for everyone.

Anna Ghannamová

The founder of The Chance for unwanted initiative, renamed in 1st of June 2011 to THE CHANCE Civic group.


THE CHANCE Civic group was registered as The Chance for unwanted initiative in 11th of October 2004 as a number VVS/1-900/90-187 97, MV SR.